The following table is an archive of published documents, such as Needs Assessments and Director of Public Health reports.

It can be browsed, searched with text or filtered by category and date range.


Publication Name Date (Last Updated) Category Type
Walsall Tobacco Control Plan 2023-27March 6 2024HealthWellbeingpdf
Walsall Domestic Abuse Strategic Needs Assessment 2023January 24 2024Needs Assessmentpdf
Walsall Serious Violence Duty – Strategic Needs Assessment 2023November 22 2023Needs Assessment, Strategypdf
Walsall Alcohol and Drug Strategy 2023 – 2028August 3 2023HealthWellbeing, Strategypdf
Director of Public Health Annual Report 2022June 6 2023Director of Public Healthpdf
Data and Briefing Mental Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2032April 25 2023HealthWellbeing, Strategypdf
Walsall Better Mental Health Fund Local Evaluation 2022March 15 2023HealthWellbeingpdf
Walsall Homelessness Needs Review 2022March 15 2023HealthWellbeing, Needs Assessmentpdf
Health and Wellbeing Portfolio Holder Annual Report 2022-23February 24 2023HealthWellbeingpdf
Walsall Drug and Alcohol Needs Assessment 2022December 12 2022HealthWellbeing, Needs Assessmentpdf
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