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Children & Young People - Education

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

Good Level of Development

The percentage of pupils achieving a 'Good Level of Development' (GLD) within Walsall has improved by 7% from 46% in 2013 to 53% in 2014. However, national outcomes for this measure have improved by 8% this year, further widening the gap to national from 6% in 2013 to 7% in 2014. Boys perform significantly worse than girls, with just 45% achieving a GLD compared to 62% of the girls with their lowest performing area for learning being literacy.





Y1 Phonics

Achieving the Expected Level

The percentage of pupils passing the year 1 phonics screening test in Walsall rose by 3% from 72% to 75% in 2014. This outcome is above national, and has been since the tests inception in 2012. However, the national pass rate has risen by 5% and closed the gap to Walsall to just 1%.




Key Stage 1

Outcomes for KS1 Level 2+ have not improved this year and remain the same as in 2013 with reading at 89%, writing 84% and maths 91%. Nationally results for this measure have improved by 1% across all three core subjects, and therefore a gap has emerged to national of 1% in reading and maths and widened to 2% in writing. Girls outperform boys across all three subjects.


Reading L2+

Writing L2+

Maths L2+


Key Stage 2

Reading, Writing and Maths L4+

Outcomes for KS2 Level 4+ reading, writing and maths combined (RWM) improved in Walsall by 1% in 2014 rising from 71% to 72%. Reading results for Level 4+ improved by 3% rising to 86%, writing improved by 1% rising to 82% and maths results remained unchanged on 81%. Nationally outcomes for Level 4+ for RWM combined improved by 3% to 79%, widening our gap to national to 7%. Outcomes nationally for Level 4+ in reading improved by 3% to 89% writing by 2% to 85% and maths by 1% to 86%. Girls outperformed the boys across all three core subjects, and especially so in writing by 10%. Two levels progress has improved slightly for reading and writing but has declined by 2% in maths.


Reading and Writing 2 Levels Progress

Maths 2 Levels Progress

Key Stage 4

This year has seen significant changes to the GCSE specification and how the results are then subsequently reported in the DfE league tables. Students' first result rather than their best result are now counted, therefore eliminating from the performance tables any improvement in grades from by students re-sitting one or more of their GCSE exams. Last year Walsall closed the gap to the national for 5+ A*-C including English and mathematics with an overall average of 59%. This year we have seen a 7% decline in 5+ A*-C including English and mathematics with Walsall’s average dropping to 52%. The amount of students making the expected 3 Levels progress has also declined in English and maths by 5% and 9% respectively.

5+ A*-C Including English and Maths


English 3 Levels Progress


Maths 3 Levels Progress

Key Stage 5

Over the past 5 years results for schools have shown a year on year improvement for average points per candidate (PpC) rising to 775 points in 2013. The exam day KS5 results the LA collects from schools usually under estimate the final results the schools achieve as results may have been withheld or not available to schools to collate and send to us on that day. However, comparing this year’s exam day results to last year’s exam day results show an improvement of 10 points to 712 PpC.


Average Point Score Per Candidate


Average Point Score Per Entry


Data Notes

All pre 2104 data are sourced from the DfE LAIT v12 28.04.14 (Local Area Interactive Tool). 2014 data are sourced from KEYPAS and results day collections.
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