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Guidance on using Walsall Intelligence

Home page

Walsall Intelligence is a web-based system designed to let users access a range of information about the borough from a variety of different sources and through different channels such as data tables, charts, maps and reports. These can highlight patterns and trends across the borough and change over time. Users can query the data within the system to address their own areas of interest.

Interactive Tools

Interactive Tools There are an array of interactive tools available to assist users in quierying the available data. This is a list of the most popular tools which allows users direct access without having to navigate the banner tools.

The menus on the banner offer a comprehensive list of available tools.

A-Z of our datasets

The first link from the Interactive Tools menu is the A-Z of datasets. This is essentially an index of all the available data on the site, this list will grow as time goes on. From the index page a user is able to see the title of the dataset, meta data and headline findings. This information is accessed by clicking the + symbol.

Interactive data using Instant Atlas Mapping

Data can also be displayed in a map and data format using the Instant Atlas mapping tool. The data is queried in the same as with the chart tool.

There are further options available once the table or chart has been generated, these are accessed via the icons above the displayed results as shown below. There is a further option here compared to the table/charting options that allows a user to revert to the mapped display once the data has been viewed as a table or chart; this is available via the map icon.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Tool

Much like the Outcomes Framework tool; this allows a user to compare data and findings about Walsall to that of all boroughs across the country from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

Registering with Walsall Intelligence

Anyone with a valid email address is able to register with the site. The vast majority of the site content is accessible without registering or logging in but being a registered user provides further functionality.

Being registered allows a user to save queries and searches as well as directly emailing a link from a page of interest to an unregistered user.

When registering with the site a user will be required to provide a valid email address and then an activation email will be sent to that account.

Clicking the Log In link will direct a user to the Log In page; from there a new user can register with the site. Once logged in an Admin link replaces the Log In link. This is where saved queries are accessed.

An additional icon is available to logged in users on all data display pages.

Clicking the save (floppy disc) icon will save any given query. If a query has been previously saved the save icon is replaced with an email (envelope) icon. Clicking the email icon will automatically copy a link into an email and allow the user to forward the link to any email address. Cliciking the link from the email will direct the recipient to the saved page of data.


Analyse data using our chart technology

A number of drop down menus allow users to define their searches. Once a selection is made clicking the submit button will display the results.

There are further options available once the table or chart has been generated, these are accessed via the icons above the displayed results as shown below.


Postcode Finder

The postcode finder provides information about a defined area. It provides a range of statistics and links to other areas of interest. Information is displayed once a Walsall postcode has been entered in the search box.

Census data about the area is also displayed.

Outcomes Framework Tool

The Outcome Frameworks Tool sets out desired outcomes for public health and how they will be measured. It concentrates on increased healthy life expectancy, reduced differences in life expectancy, healthy life expectancy between communities. This tool allows a user to browse various measures and compare the data to that of all boroughs across the country.

Census Key Statistics

From here a user can compare Census 2011 results from Walsall with the rest of the country. More detailed information about the results, looking specifically at Wards and Area Partnerships in a specific locality, can be found in the Publication area of the site.

Topic Pages

The aim of all of the topic pages is to provide a snapshot of current topics of interest.

By accessing a topic page, a user can: 

  • Read some background commentary on the issue in question.
  • Be signposted to data sources. This could be links to reports on the system, or to external websites where further information may be available.
  • View charts or maps that may be of interest. These can be printed or exported.
  • View data tables. These can be exported by right clicking on the table, and selecting Export. Then select Export full screen to save an image of the table to use in a report.
  • Take part in discussion forums (users need to be logged in to post their views on an issue).
  • Access other topic pages which may provide more detail on a particular aspect, or intelligence for another area of the Borough. When you access a topic page, maps and charts on the page draw on queries from the system to ensure that the latest available data is displayed.


The Publication area of the site is accessible from the link on the main banner at the top of the home page.

It's a portal to an array of static documents available from the council, these include area and health profiles as well as census data. The documents are split into six catagories: Economy, Health and Wellbeing, Children and Young People, Safer Walsall, Profiles, and External Publications. Documents are available to view and download.

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